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Before you ask for a quote, you should know that although PDR is a perfect solution for many situations, it isn't able to repair everything.  Some dents that are very sharp or when the paint has been removed, primed over, or other work has been done is not always the best candidate for PDR.  If you're not sure, please use the form below or send an email describing the situation.  Photos are always helpful as well.  If, however, the damage on your vehicle looks similar to any of the photos on our Photos pages, then follow the simple instructions below to get your quote!

To get the quickest and most accurate response, shoot Stephen an email at with the following info:  (recommend copy and pasting the below to make it easier on you)

-Make, model & year of your vehicle.   (Only 2000 or newer)

-Where is the damage?   

-Has your vehicle had damage in this area before?

-send two photos of the damage.   One photo from about 3-4 feet away from the damage, and a second from about 10 feet away.  Take both at an angle, not straight on (since it is harder to see the dent).  


Drop your name and number or just give us a ring.


Stephen Brast


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