Got some questions?  No biggie.  Here are some of the questions we get most often.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a method of auto body repair for most dents and dings without needing to repaint and without causing additional damage to the vehicle or finish.  The technician pushes, pulls, and slowly massages the metal body panel of your car back to its original position.  Since this method doesn't require using fillers, repainting, or other more invasive techniques, PDR saves a considerable amount of time compared to traditional methods and is favored by many dealers and auto owners due to the time and money they save over traditional methods.  


What makes PDR so different from traditional methods?

The typical methods for repairing dents usually not only take more time to repair, but also cost more than PDR.  They also include additional steps such as adding filler material to fill in the dent before repainting.  Also, there's the chance of paint shrinkage with traditional repair methods, which can occur months after the repair is completed.  Less experienced PDR technicians will sometimes drill holes in the body panel to gain access to a dent in order to repair it.  Again, this adds time and often unnecessary extra steps to the repair, all of which adds to the cost.   With PDR, none of these are anything you need to worry about.

Can you really fix any dent?

Each dent is different and it depends on how deep the dent is, how accessible it is, and how stretched the metal became when the damage occurred.  People are often surprised that the vast majority of dents, dings, and hail damage can be repaired with PDR.  Unfortunately, not every dent can be fixed.  Often, if the ding is very sharp, the metal has buckled or been stretched too much,your vehicle is older than 2000, or has had previous body repair, then it's possible PDR may not be the best method to fix your vehicle.  When Stephen's PDR methods can fix your dents, it can be done remarkably faster and cheaper than traditional methods.  With his technique and expertise, Stephen can sometimes repair dents that other PDR technicians turn away.  


Are you insured?

Yes.  Stephen is insured and can work with your insurance agency regarding the repair on your vehicle.  More often than not, Stephen can do the repair for less than insurance covers, saving you money and stress. 

What can be fixed using PDR techniques?

The PDR techniques of massaging and patiently coaxing the metal back into place allows for small dings to large, shallow dents to be repaired.  Even hail damage can be repaired provided the dents are not too deep, indicating the metal has been stretched to far.  Many PDR technicians don't know the more advanced methods to repair much larger dents, allowing Stephen to repair some larger dents that other technicians either don't think are possible to fix or can't fix without drilling. 

Do you repaint any of the damage on my vehicle?

Stephen doesn't repaint sections of the vehicle, but he will touch up small scratches with some touch up paint.  Below is an example of when Stephen might use touch up paint.  The damage was very sharp and cut through the paint, so after performing the dent repair, Stephen touched the paint up to match.  

Before Repair and touch up

Before Repair and touch up

After Repair and touch up

After Repair and touch up

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